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How do I create an account?
 1) Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right side of our site.
2) Enter your email address.
3) Select "I am a new customer".

Then simply follow the prompts to complete setting up your account. Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I edit my account information?
 Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site to edit your account information.

I forgot my password.
 Click the "My Account / Order Status" link at the top right hand side of our site. Under the login box you'll see a link that says "Forgot your password? Click here". That link will send an email to you with your password.

I received the wrong product.
 If you feel that you have received the wrong product, please contact customer service within 72 hours of receiving the product.

My credit card was declined but the funds were available, Whats going on?

First please check carefully and make sure that you are entering all of your address information correctly. We will ship your item to the address that you list as your shipping address but the billing address that you enter must match the address that is on your credit card statement.
Another possible reason is that you may not have entered the CVV2 code correctly. The CVV2 code is on the back of the card and is the very last 3 digits on the signature line. This code is found only on your card and verifies that you are in possesion of the credit card whose number you are using. Please carefully verify that you are entering the CVV2 code correctly. It can get rubbed off on older cards and become difficult to if it is entered incorrrectly your order will be declined.
Another possible reason is that you have reached your daily spending limit. Almost every credit card has a daily spending limit which is usually a couple hundred dollars. If you have reached this daily spending limit your bank will refuse the charge even though the funds are there. To resolve just use another credit card, contact your bank to have the limit lifted or wait and try your order again tomorrow.

Have a quetion not answered here, please send quetions to  [email protected].
or 504-813-5258
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Cherry Pie top
Our Price: $20.00

Cherry print mesh lined crop top.
Has stretch bungee straps.
Rave casual party crop.
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